Where have all the people gone,,,,

I had one web site user that was trying to spam one of my posts with online casinos.  I marked it as spam, and poof, I haven’t had one new user for the web site since that day, Monday.  Not really sure of what scope that spam call has, will have to look into that closer.  It probably is not that big a deal, since it is only Wednesday:-)

I’ve been thinking about DonationWare.  Last post I mentioned Paint.net, as my  “goto” donationware project.  I chipped in a modest donation.  And, lo and behold, I got one donation for Essential Video Recorder.  It’s only my second, but it appears that this is a good Karma thing to do.

So, today, another favorite donationware product was installed.  It’s called GreenShot, it is a very handy screen capture program for windows.  It is a very helpful tool for making documentation, or to send a screen capture to a support group.  I made a small donation to this one also.  These are not going to be big donations, I’m not a rich man, but still, the old axiom always applies, “Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you,,,”

God willing this way of sharing will lead to better networking; as well as, making me more of a role model by making donations.  May I remember this in my online travels going forward.  “You can’t know a person, until you walk a mile in their shoes.”

BTW, downloads are moving forward nicely.  I have broken 6k.  And usage is near an all time high.  It seems I was so focused on having the latest version of windows out there, that I forgot to include those that are hesitant to patch.  Another lesson to go forward with.

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