New Masthead and a New Attitude,,,,

Have been researching Logitech lately.  It appears that several of their people have been registering with this site.  I’m happy that they are interested.  They make great camera’s, and by tomorrow I will have upped my collection to 4.  So, as I’m surfing their web site, I find that they are going to have an investor horse and pony show, and it is open to interested parties.  So, I signed up, and am going to go into the city and see more of what they are about.

This in mind, I set to task of making business cards.  And, lo and behold, my daughter wanted to participate.  We spent a good hour on the Vista Print site, and came up with something that looked kinda cool.  What’s interesting is that both my daughter and my wife have been picking on me about our logo.  It turned out, the card we picked, chopped off the logo and made it look more oval.  We all liked that change, so, after they went to sleep, I made that the “Official” Logo of ESP 🙂

To do this, I opened, this is the greatest graphics program that is donationware, I LOVE this program.  It solves me many headaches.  As I start it up, it wants to do an update.  So, I update it, and the donate blurp pops up.  My first inclination was to ignore it.  But then I thought of that wonderful saying, “Do unto others as you would like them to do to you,,,”  So, I sent them a modest donation.

That’s about it for tonight.  May everyone enjoy the new look!

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