Interesting Stats this week

Last weekend I was poring over my stats for Essential Video Recorder and found that there were a few errors that I narrowed down to version 0.1.0.  This version was created a while back, it was actually a very primitive first version of the program.  I had left it there, because it would run on older versions of windows 10, and was recommended by the publishing wizard.

I decided to delete it, and interestingly it had some impact on downloads.  Need to analyze this in the next couple of weeks, I want to see if my trending changes.  Should have done it earlier, because it really does not portray the progress of the program at all.  And, even though it provides greater accessibility, it is far too primitive to put out as the product.  If this had been recommended at a more mature part of the program, I would have had a different type of decision to make.

Interestingly, this change has led to a lot of activity in Bulgaria, I have no idea why.  Wasn’t even aware that I had that many users there.  And so we continue onward.


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