Essential Video Recorder

This is our flagship product.  It has over 8k downloads, and it has gone through 7 beta versions.  We've added the tutorial video above, so that the users can see all the progress this app has gone through.

It's found in the Windows 10 store, and can meet all of your basic video recording needs.  Although with each new Beta, we add a little more functionality.  Hoping that we'll catch up with the major players.  "The Little Engine that could!" 🙂

EVR is our Flagship Product

EVR was born out of necessity.  I make youtube videos showing products.  I like to have the image of myself on the screen as I create the video.  To do this, I was using the video software that came with my camera.  After a windows upgrade the camera software wouldn't work, and they were having an issue getting it adjusted.  So, I wanted to see how hard this was to do.  I had a prototype after a few days; and now, 6 months later, I have my most popular app ever!

The video recorder has been acquired about 8000 times so far.  It meets a need in the Windows 10 store customers.  The sales are spread around the world.  That was the birth of how we made it multi-lingual.  It is our first multi-lingual app, but there were customers around the world and we decided to make it easier for them to understand how it works.

The app is completely open source  and was freeware; however, we want to capitalize on the program, but, in the same breath, did not want to alienate the customer who selected it for being free.  So, we decided to try it to be donation ware.  All donation ware means, it that the product is free and fully functional.  If you like it, you have the ability to make a donation.  You can also make a donation on this web site here, Any Donation Appreciated