Here you will find some common questions regarding the Windows 10 Store app, Essential Video Recorder

What is the purpose of the 'Reset' button?

The reset button is for if you change hardware, add/remove a camera, hitting reset will update the program so that it will handle the hardware changes.  Also, if you had left the program open for a long time, and it begins to time out of the vide, reset, will awaken it.

What is the purpose of the 'Incognito' button?

'Incognito' button removes all controls from the screen.  This is useful if you are using a third party screen capture program, and would like to have a webcam streaming in a capture.  To return from 'Incognito' simply click anywhere on the capture window.

Is this a Screen Capture Program?

No, this is not a screen capture program; however, it can work with one as a webcam capture video window.  We do not make screen capture software, this would have to be gotten from a third party.

Does the video settings affect the recording?

Yes, video size and other settings will effect the rendering.  You can now pick resolution, codec, and frames per sedone

Where does the video go when you click "Start Recording"

If you have picked a file name and location with the 'Choose' button, it will go where you place it.  Each new session requires to 'Choose' again.

If you are doing a quick one off video, and did not supply a filename, it will go in your Windows 10 Video folder.  It will be named "EssentialVideo.mp4".  Of note, each time you use the default, it will increment this default filename, so you don't lose any of your work.

How many cameras can the program handle?

It should be able to handle at least 5.  I only have three cameras to test with, and it handles them fine.  Of note, the Windows 10 bug that would have multiples of the same camera name them the same, has been worked around, now it will give an incremental number next to each subsequent device with the same name.

Why is there a donation button?

We are a small startup.  We are open source and donationware.  This is an attempt to generate some income from the work, and, to make it optional.   To date, donations have been close to nothing, we may also look into other options because part of the goal is to generate a 2nd income.

If you like the work, a small donation would really be appreciated.  All you need to do is click on a dollar amount of $1, $2 or $3 and you will activate Microsoft's payment module.  You can also donate from this link here, Any Donation Appreciated

Do you have customer service?

Our customer service is mostly email,

Also, limited phone support at (631) 828-4557  We are a small operation, and do not have a dedicated line yet.