Our Latest Program

This is our latest program.  Brand new, and Beta 3, but we are hoping it will be as successful as our flagship product Essential Video Recorder(EVR) We are also hopeful that some of the new bells and whistles from this app will be propagated into EVR.

New features for the company itself include things like an interactive help button that sends you to this web site, where you will be able to watch videos on usage and workarounds.

Some of the basics are not so basic:  You can pick from any camera on your computer.  It automatically creates project files in your video folder.  So, you can render the images with the program or something third party.

More to follow,,,,

Birth of ETLV(Essential Time Lapse Video)

I was working on screen capture, currently in R&D, and a friend told me that with a windows update they could no longer use their screen capture software, it wouldn't detect their cameras.

He sent me links to the software and it didn't recognize mine either.  When he explained what he had been using for the programs, I thought that it shouldn't be too difficult to leverage EVR technology into a screen capture.  And, voila, here it is!