Adjusting the program capabilities

More stats stuff on EVR (Essential Video Recorder).  Having removed the 0.1.0 version did reduce my downloads by a good 40%.  This morning I woke up early and decided to see if I could make my current version compatible with the older versions of Windows 10.  It didn’t appear that difficult, just a matter of updating the project file.  After that I ran it through some basic tests, packaged it, and started the publishing process.  I’m hopeful that this will be available by tomorrow, and by Sunday I’ll be able to see if it brings a change in the statistics.

If it does boost downloads, then we may have found a very sweet spot.  The last computer I bought was a low range Lenovo laptop, with a built in web cam.  First thing I went to do is download the program.  The program did not appear ok.  Then I installed all the latest patches, and then the program ran fine.  How many are there out there that never update via the Anniversary issue or beyond?

As my Dad always said, “Columbus took a chance!”  His wise words frequently come to mind now that he’s gone.  I know he’s up in heaven making sure the family is well.  Have a pleasant evening!

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