Our Approach

We are a small startup that is trying to provide useful software for free.  We have gone from free ware to donation ware; however, it is fully functional whether you donate or not.

Our Story

This is a company created by John Leone.  It has been a producer of Windows 10 native apps since the beginning of 2016.  The first app, Essential Grocer, is a program that helps people make shopping lists.

The second program that was created was Making One Drive Test.  This is an app that was designed to help developers hurdle the learning curve with working with OneDrive.  This, as all my apps, are open source with the MIT License.

The third program, though the newest, is our best performer.  It is a simple video recorder app.  It creates MP4 movies, that can easily upload to YouTube or Facebook.  It has proven very popular.

John Graduated from Hofstra University in 1985, with BS in computer science.  He has created several computer companies.  The last one was creating Android Apps back in 2008.

He does this business as a moonlighting entity, for now.  His days are spent as Lead Support Tech for Stony Brook University.  He has worked there for 19 years.