Essential Time Lapse Video

This is our latest app.  It enables you to make time lapse videos.  It is a spin off of  Essential Video Recorder.   This is an early Beta version that has many bells and whistles that you can leverage to make time lapse videos.  You can control interval time, and also render the video.  Am also working on a help system, that goes to the apps page, and then shows a video demo.  You can download it at the windows store here

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Essential Video Recorder

A Video Recorder that is a Windows Store App. It allows you to create videos from your web cam in Windows 10. International support: English, Filipino, French, German, Hindi, Italian, and Spanish.  It can be downloaded from the windows store here

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Essential Software Products

We are a very small startup that has been developing open source, freeware software for about a year.  We are currently experimenting with donation ware.  We're hoping that this will bring in some income, but keep full featured versions as free.  Thus, the donation is optional and not required.

We are focusing on Windows 10 apps for both phone and desktop.  Our flagship product, Essential Video Recorder only supports desktop devices.  This is because the nature of it, does not require to be on a phone.

We have other products in development, but am beginning to rethink this.  Am considering analyzing my needs, and trying to figure out an app that will help me in daily operations.  That's what I did with Essential Video Recorder, and it has proved very successful.